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 GM app for my friend

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PostSubject: GM app for my friend   GM app for my friend Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 5:08 pm

This is a GM application for my friend:

What is your in game name? Client has not been released.

How long have you played on SuzanneMS? He hasn't played SuzanneMS yet.

Have you play retail Maplestory and if so how long? 4 and an 1/2 months (He had played lots of P-Servers by the way)

What is your average daily playing time? 5 hours

Where do you live? Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What hours do you normally play and please indicate time. After he is done his homework.

How many different classes have you played on and what classes where those and what levels on each? He have played on all jobs. He once was an GM

How old are you? 15

Do you have past experience as a Game Master? Yes

If so, which servers have you worked as a GM? TheHeatMS (CLOSED)

Give us some general information about yourself here. He likes Maplestory

Why would you be suitable for a GM position? He is experienced in GM position, and helps the community.

What positive additions could you make to the community/servers? He could help make the server a better place and ban hackers or illegal use of programs.

Do you have any other experience? Well, he has GM experiences, but basketball is also his favourite (U.S. = Favorite) He had helped out in TheHeatMS. So I'm guessing his experience is in high medium level.

Reference: [GM]Kenman

This application is for my friend. If you accept this, please contact me via MSN. If you do not accept, also contact me please. Thanks =P He is also my real life friend.
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GM app for my friend
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